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Step 2: Finding Resolution

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The first step was identifying the source/ root cause of your pain. Next you have to resolve it. That can only be done by going through the pain and coming out on the other side of it. I know that may seem like a scary thought but in order to "get through it" you have to "go through it".

Not to worry "Jesus is a friend that sticks closer to you than a brother"- Proverbs 18:24

All you have to do is cast your cares on Him and He will see you through. He has a way of sending individuals in your life that can help you in your darkest moments, trust me lol.

That's where finding an "anchor" comes in...Your anchor is your "person". You know the individual you can talk to or lean on always. The person you call to share your good news with, and who calms you down when you're angry, or wipes your tears when you cry. It can be a family member, close freind, or romantic partner. You can even have more than one.

If you are missing that person in your life seek outside resources. You could try going to a church or ministry group, a community center, or even trying a life coaching or talk therapy.

If you are unable to process your pain or unresolved trauma alone and need medical assistance please seek mental health services. Don't be ashamed, good mental health is extremely important and there are a lot of great mental health practicioners..

It's like resetting a bone, in order to correct the alignment the bone has to be broken and reconfigured in order to prevent future complications. In that same vein a surgeon, an his team, performs the operation, not your neihborhood baker. In this scenario Jesus is the surgeon, and your anchor(s) assists in supporting you as the work is done.

So don't be afraid, just brace yourself and go through it. I am here as your sister in Christ and as your anchor.

Be strong, You've got this!

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