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Love Jones

Our hearts raced like two cars in the fast lane.

Two becoming one with all uncertainties, in the name of love.

Our lips emerge like little sail boats in the waterfalls of our love.

As our lips cross paths like two lost ships in the night, the love of you moves like a whirlwind throughout my body.

You make my worlds levitate into places I was afraid to travel.

As our eyes meet, we look so deep into each other’s soul that it almost became our own.

The touch of you is enough to make me want more. You look through me and find beauty in the ugliest places.

Me without you is like a drug addict without a fix.

You are my fixation; I get high off of the smell of you.

And when you go…

You always leave me…

Wanting just a little more of that,

Love Jones

By: Tiana Jeyná

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